Siddharth Village welcomes you..........

Come, the lap of nature beckons you.

Get rooted to mother earth once again. Let her cradle you in her arms & nurture you. Allow yourself to appreciate & respect the beauty of her harmony. Connect with her people and learn the art of bonding with her- OUR MOTHER EARTH.

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Benefits of Eco holidays
& Tribal Tourism  
Promotes Environmental & cultural awareness

Benefits local people economically

Preserves Eco-balance

Nature & indigenous culture



The thread international training and
HRD centre is ensconced at the serene
and picturesque Siddharth Village
campus, know for its aesthetically
appealing and ....... more >>



Visit several beautiful locations,
temples, forests, fortst. Experience the
richness of culture & tradition that is
uniquely India ... more >>



Our tour packages are designed to help
you bond with mother earth & relax on
her lap; appreciate the harmony that
exists .... more >>



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