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Karunei and Barunei were the presiding goddesses of Khurda and guarded the gate of the fort. It is believed that these two sisters were killing the British soldiers with their long sharp swords in disguise. It is also said that the British soldiers cut the thigh of a bullock and mixed the blood with arms and ammunitions. As a results Devi Karunei and Barunei of Khurda fort became powerless and the Britishers defeated the Paikas. Ramchandra Dev- the founder of the Bhoi dynasty constructed the temple for the goddesses. In the temple of Barunaei there is no pedestal.

Beautifully carved from two separated blocks of black granite - it represents goddess Barunei and Karunei. The height of each of the idols is 18 inches. The lotus seat on the right side, Devi Barunei holds Dambaru in upper left hand and a Trisul in the upper right hand. They look like war goddesses. Khichidi and Pitah are the main items of Bhoga offered to the deities on leaf plates. The hill side of Barunei is a beautiful spot. It is a place for religious worship and picnic. The visitors, scholars and devotees in large number comes to this place every day. Barunei hill is only two kilometers from Khurda town.


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