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S.V. Jatni

 The thread international training and HRD centre is ensconced at the serene and picturesque Siddharth Village campus, know for its aesthetically appealing and harmoniously designed living quarters based on the age old principles of vastu, with modern amenities; in a refreshing, tranquil and enlivening environment that is just fit for retreating, contemplation, mediation and for living in here & now. Ideally carved in a rural setting, juxtaposing the green canvas of the historical Barunei hills, the Centre is conveniently located about 25 k.m. from the Orissa state capital of Bhubaneswar, well connected by airport, rail roads (Bhubaneswar and Khurda Junction) and motor able roads and the famous temple and beach town of Puri and the world heritage site of Konark also known as the black pagoda.

Spacious, neat and tidy single rooms for accommodation is offered to the guests, who would like to relish the solitude, for the time being. While the couples can opt for the trendy and well furnished modest living quarters, having provision of double beds; gregarious people who would like to lead a group life can opt for the well-ventilated dormitories with all necessary provisions for a comfortable stay. Breath fresh air of the natural surroundings, eat organic foods grown in the villages and drink pure water while at the training centre. Simple but nutritious vegetarian food prepared as per the prescription of naturopathy is served. The collective dining hall, milap is a meeting venue for the seekers while enjoying the foods. All the buildings, rooms, living quarters and trees are named for recognizing the purpose of their existence and to relate, fully keeping their place in the schemata as the components of the Village, invariably from an organic whole being inseparable from each other.

S.V. Kakirigumma: Manasi with provide.

Rejuvenate your health by eating complete, pure organic food. You can pluck your own vegetables from the organic garden & watch them being, cooked. (if interest, experience the fragrant herbs heal & re-vitalise you. Learn the secrets of traditional medicine)

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