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Come, the lap of Nature Beckons you

Joyful Eco-Living

A space to experience a new way of living, in perfect balance 
between eco-friendly design and nature,
between tribal tradition and innovation.

Organic Food

Wholesome organic vegetarian food with researched adding of herbals from our garden

promise to rejuvenate and heal body and mind.

Yoga, Meditation, Healing Retreats

Meditation, yoga and healing retreats as an experience to attain Self-knowledge 

and light a spark of change in you and your environment.

Children’s awareness on Herbal plants

Workshops and projects to generate genuine love, concern and care for nature and its healing power,
by exposure to the Herbal Mother sanctuary.

Trainings on new planetary times

An in-depth experience of exploration, introspection, reflection.
A space for Self-transformation heading to the New Planetary Times.

Discover Our Journey

We envisage a society based on values of equity, happiness, justice, peace, self-reliance, sustainability and truth.

Thread has begun as a training institution way back in 1984 and has established itself as a leading social and human development outfit in one of the poorest states of India. Since its very existence, it has been conducting self-exploratory experiential training programmes for individuals, organizations, institutions and has established its reputation within and outside the state of Orissa and India and Asia.

A unique spin-off of its training methodology is the emergence of a state-level tribal women’s organization – the Orissa Nari Samaj (ONS), which has given wide socio-political spaces for women to empower themselves and voice their issues.

Today Thread holds on to its deep-rooted history to establish a new explorative environment in the campus-like premises of Siddharth Village Campus Jatni and Satya Yuga Siddharth Village Kakiriguma.

The villages

Explore Yourself and the Nature around You

Escape To Your New Self

New Planetary Times at Siddharth Village Kakiriguma…

Join Us for a Volunteering Experience

If you are passionate about nature, sustainable living, community building, herbal healing power, contact us for a volunteering experience.

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