About Us

Our Vision

Thread envisages a society based on values of equity, happiness, justice, peace, self-reliance, sustainability and truth where:
*The individual discovers the self and evolves;
*The community cares and shares its all with all;
*The nature is nurtured and all three live in a harmonious and symbiotic relationship;
*The mind, body, and spirit are strenghtened thereby igniting consciousness of a greater realm and realising the call heralded with vehement urgency beckoning humanity to come to an unblemished realization of the truth to align with the spirit of the Universe. 

Our Mission

*To bring about social transformation through value-based peoples’ communities and organisations
*By generating genuine love, concern and care within the individual, spreading it to the community and nature
*Careful use of nature’s wealth
*Create spaces to comprehend and experience the paradigm shift and imbibe values of the Earth operating in harmony within the confine of its Law
*To realise the manifestation of matter of energy, the very energy that helps define the “I am” in us, amalgamation into oneness of the Universe

From the beginning…

30 Years of Thread

Thread was registered in the year 1986 under society’s registration act 1860 as a training and education centre, founded by Mr. G. John. In 1989, the Siddharth Village concept of ashram type of set up was planned and the construction of the first simple Siddharth village was carried out at Badatota near Jatani, Dist: Khurda, Odisha.

Odisha occupies a unique position in the ethnographic map of India for having the largest variety of tribal communities. Although their presence is spread out across the State, more than half of their total strength is found in the districts of Koraput, Rayagada, Naurangpur, Malkangiri, Kalahandi, Nauapara, Kandhamal, Baudh, Keonjhar, Sundargarh and Mayurbhanj.

From 1990 to 1995 Thread was able to establish a reputation for itself as a self-exploratory experiential training institute and worked on the assumption that individual change triggers the group atmosphere for changes. THREAD innovated number of creative training modules for Govt., educational institutions, religious bodies and NGOs. During this period, the experiment on creating independent tribal women’s organizations (Samajs) in block level was successfully completed in three blocks with THREAD’s own income and later funded by donor agencies for various projects at macro level to cover the whole state. The Siddharth village campuses came up near Sambalpur and Kakiriguma in Koraput district to train tribal women, in 1995 and 1997 respectively.

Meanwhile Thread’s involvement with Tribal women’s Organisations,  “Samajs” increased with the number of samajs and sanghas. It was practiced through a process of community of living and learning. The number of samajs increased to 54, working in 54 tribal dominated blocks with 3904 sanghas and 250000 members in 12 Districts of the State.

From 1999 onwards, THREAD started conducting various training courses and learning different healing processes. There by, discovering Avishkar process for OD, transformation in Organisations and conducted number of experiential, therapeutic courses for religious bodies, educational institutions and NGO Organisations for exploring visions of the Organisations at evolution stages. It was made open for the Vipasana Meditation Courses. 


G. John, Founder of Thread

Today, though the 54 samajs (ONS – Orissa Nari Samaj) have registered as independent bodies in the three district of North, West and South Odisha, Thread keeps a hand-holding process, to accompany them in the future phase of the women’s organizations.

The Campus namely Siddharth village at Jatni was renovated to continue to host in-house and external trainings on initiating transformation for individuals and organizations; while our resort in Kakiriguma, has been converted into Satya Yuga Siddharth Village Homestay with facilities for exposure to nature, biodiversity, eco-building, herbal healing, yoga and meditation for one-day guests or longer retreats for in-depth experience of exploration, introspection and reflection. Here itself Herbal Mother project was founded in 2020, to promote traditional healing and sharing of ancient knowledge among tribal communities members and holistic health for all humanity with emphasis on herbal power, balancing and strengthening the mind, body, and spirit.

Get rooted to mother earth once again. Let her cradle you in her arms & nurture you. Allow yourself to appreciate & respect the beauty of her harmony. Connect with her people and learn the art of bonding with her – OUR MOTHER EARTH.
Satya Yuga Siddharth Village Homestay

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