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at Jatni, Orissa

Set in a tranquil, invigorating environment, the campus is simply perfect for contemplation, meditation, learning and living in the here & now. Ideally carved in a rural setting, juxtaposing the green canvas of the historical Barunei hills, the Centre is conveniently located about 25 km from the state capital, Bhubaneswar.
2 Conference Halls and everything you need to conduct your meeting with ease and comfort.  

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Education Tour

at Kakiriguma, Orissa

Students and teachers can learn about biodiversity, ecology, sensitivity to nature, various rare fruits trees (like loquats, avocado, water apples, rose apple and many more) and engage in different activities as yoga and meditation for mind focus, healthy food, trekking, nature walk, swimming in the river and so on.

Gatherings in Nature
At Kakiriguma, Orissa

The ideal place for group retreats, in-depth experiences of exploration, introspection, reflections, and team building. For organizations, institutions, organized groups.

Past Trainings

Orissa Narj Samaj (53 Tribal and Dalith Women’s Organisations) 

Past Trainings

Government of India 

Past Trainings

Government of Orissa, Tamil Nadu,
Andra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharastra 

Past Trainings

UNICEF sponsoring Southasian Countries 

Past Trainings

UN – Gaia Education 
Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) – Ecovillage Design Education 

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